Pastificio della Mamma as a company offers great flexibility and can cope with very specific demands in terms of recipe, grammage and packaging.

This flexibility is displayed in different ways.

For example:

The production methods that Pastificio makes available to its customers consist of 4 automated pasta production lines, 1 packing department, 1 kitchen and 1 storage and dispatch warehouse.

Traceability: all products are traced throughout the production process and are allocated a lot number which allows us to control the pipeline both upstream and downstream.

'œHome-made' quality: the machines chosen for the manufacture of our pasta allow us to achieve a handmade quality almost identical to that of a home-made product.


4 automated production lines

Fresh pastas: the production of these short and long pastas is a continuous, automated process and they are pasteurised. Pasteurisation is a natural heat treatment which prolongs the life of the product.

Precooked pastas (2 lines): these are produced in the same way as the fresh pastas except that they are precooked instead of being pasteurised. They are plunged for a few minutes into boiling water in a pasta cooker, rapidly cooled and packaged.

Production line for cannelloni, lasagnes and roulades: the production of cannelloni is entirely automated. For lasagnes and roulades: when the cooked sheets of pasta come off the production line, they are assembled by hand. The different layers of pasta and stuffing are then arranged in lasagne trays or as roulades .The products are placed into a freezing tunnel, before being cut to the correct size and packaged.



The kitchen, just like at home

Stuffings and sauces are perfected in the kitchen where they are tested to ensure that they retain all their qualities of taste and nutrition. Larger scale production allows us to market sauces of a handmade quality comparable to that of home-made.




Storage and dispatch, to the whole of Europe

A new storage warehouse has been in operation since 2008.

The 'œPasta della Mamma' products '“ packaged in boxes or trays'“ are palletized and stored systematically on shelves more than 10 metres high. These palettes are handled by experienced fork-lift truck drivers.

The storage temperature, above or below freezing, is adjusted according to the nature of each product: fresh or frozen.


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