Pasta della Mamma

Quality Strategy

Quality: more than just a high-sounding word, it’s a reality

PastaAs a specialist producer of fresh pasta, Pastificio della Mamma has developed an impressive expertise based around the very precise requirements of the food production process.

The company considers quality as its major consideration, and therefore places it at the heart of the production process.

It’s not only an impressive formula, but a reality firmly rooted in our everyday work.

And in practical terms?

  • A close collaboration with research centres and laboratories allows us to finalise the organoleptic and microbiological qualities of our products to ensure that they match the demands of the market place while retaining their qualities of nutrition and taste (Celabor, Institut Malvoz, Quality Partner and Wagralim).
  • TomatesChoice of raw materials: the main raw material is semolina. The wheat that it comes from is grown in France and Canada in accordance with sustainable farming practices, notably with a reduced use of pesticides. In the same vein, Pastificio della Mamma guarantees that its products are free from colouring agents.
  • We obtain the most stringent certifications: to give credibility to its quality strategy, Pastificio della Mamma has introduced a Quality Management system in accordance with the standards ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 and the Self-control guide SAC G019.